2016 Chaves County 4-H Theme

Chaves County 4-H Youth Development

The Chaves County 4-H program provides a creative and supportive environment in which youth and adults can learn by doing, --through activities outside school where children and teens can learn and grow! We have 9!! 4-H clubs throughout the county, which participate in exploring more than 200 project areas from citizenship to woodworking, livestock to leadership, sewing to rocketry! Our 4-Her's participate in county, state and regional fairs, leadership retreats, community service projects and numerous competitive events.

Anyone can join 4-H! Have YOUR family JOIN our family!

Chaves County 4-H Clubs

Chaves County 4-H Club By-Laws - Coming Soon!

  • Chaves County 4-H Sharp Shooters
    The Chaves County 4-H Sharp Shooters is a project club for the shooting sports projects: Archery, Muzzle-loader, Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. You must be enrolled in one of the 7 organizational clubs prior to becoming a member of the Sharp Shooters.

Volunteers - The Heart of Our Program!

Discover the world of 4-H! In 4-H, kids and adults spend time together learning new skills, developing hidden talents, making new friends and having fun! The Chaves County 4-H program reaches over 4,500 kids, over 300 leaders and volunteers share their knowledge and experiences teaching life skills to help youth become better communicators, more effective leaders, enhance their organizational and management abilities, improve self-motivation and self-esteem, foster cooperation and teach responsibility to become productive members of society. Whether you want to be a club leader or work with kids on a short term project, there's a role for YOU in Chaves County 4-H!!!

Chaves County 4-H Achievement Awards Program