Extension Home Economics

Our county's Extension home economics program is committed to providing information to help families deal with the complex issues of today.

Our programs focus on:

  • Improving consumer and family skills
  • Building leadership skills

We teach through:

  • Local programs
  • Community projects
  • Group training sessions

Learn more about Extension programs and resources:

Strong Women Strong Bones Program

Strong Women Strong Bones (SWSB) program continues in Chaves County. Strong Women Strong Bones, an evidence based program from Tufts University. This research based strength training program for women/men 50 years or older is to help prevent osteoporosis by doing weight bearing exercises. Through this program, the participants increased their strength, muscle mass, and bone density and also gain improvements in balance, flexibility, sleep and mood.

Classes are conducted at Senior Circle every Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10:00am - 11:00am.

Requirements: Must be a member of Senior Circle ($15.00 yearly membership)

Dress comfortably, wear closed toed shoes and call extension office for more information.

National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP)

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) led National Diabetes Prevention Program is an evidence based lifestyle change program for preventing or delaying type 2 diabetes. It is based on the Diabetes Prevention Program research study led by the National Institutes of Health and supported by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The lifestyle program in this study showed that making modest behavior changes, such as improving food choices and increasing physical activity to at least 150 minutes per week, helped participants lose five to seven percent of their body weight. These lifestyle changes reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 58% in people at high risk for diabetes.

Call Chaves County Extension Office 575.622.3210 to sign up for future classes.

Kitchen Creations Diabetic Cooking School

Diabetes is rampant in the state of new Mexico with an estimated 197,000 people diagnosed with this disease (New Mexico Department Health).

Kitchen Creations Diabetic Cooking School is funded by the NMSU Cooperative Extension Service and the Department of Health Diabetes Prevention and Control Program is offered on a yearly basis.

Key concepts about diabetes are taught within the classes. Participants learn about glucose levels, carbohydrates, labels, 50/50 plate, meal planning, serving sizes and portion control.

Diabetic Cooking School are held once a year, call the office to sign up for future classes.

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