The majority of Chaves County's residents are urban, so there is high interest in information on planting trees and ornamental gardening; safe and efficient home vegetable gardening; reducing water use; insect identification and management; environmental safety; maintenance of home gardens and landscape development around businesses and homes. The County Extension Agents assist residents with urban horticulture problems, insect control, wildlife damage control, and soil analysis -by phone, office visits, site visits, and e-mail.

Pecan Production For Backyard Growers

Chaves County produces approximately 4 million pounds of pecans annually on 4000 acres in the Pecos Valley. The county has both large and small orchards, plus numerous backyard growers.

  • Guide H-639: Pecan Varieties for NM
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Soil Preparation


  • New Mexico State Forestry Division - Seedling Program
    The Forestry Division offers over 50 different species for sale over the course of the fall and spring sales. These seedlings are sold in small containers, large containers and bareroot. The website includes the seedling list; planting instructions and care; and ordering restrictions.

Vegetable Gardening