4-H School Enrichment

Agents are continuously working and developing new programs to assist teachers and help to reinforce educational materials already being presented in the classroom.  We have great resources that act as ready made curriculum you can check out or programs that are agent delivered. Ask us about programs for your classroom today.

Check out our School Programing Guide for a quick overview of what we offer. 

School Programming Guide

Egg to Chick

A program that involves hatching chick eggs! It is conducted in 5th grade classrooms throughout Chaves County to spark interest in science through the Egg to Chick Embryology Program. Students learn about embronic development, nutrition, animal care, and many other life skills. 

Egg to Chick Impacts


Little Books Little Cooks

Children who learn to cook are more likely to eat healthy, can explore their creativity, increase their math skills, and boost their self esteem.  Little Books Little Cooks is offered to area Learning Centers, Early Childhood Centers, Pre Kindergarten classes, and Kindergarten classes throughout Chaves County to spark interest in nutrition and literacy.  

Little Books Little Cooks Impacts


more coming stay tuned....